This website facility specialises in the collection of IGC trace files for input into SeeYou for competition scoring.

The Problem?

SeeYou scoring automatically identifies a competitors trace by the logger serial code used in the IGC filename. This is not the problem, read on.

Collecting logger serial numbers from competitors can be a tedious task. Many pilots don't know what their logger serial number is, and a lot of pilots have 2-3 loggers, any of which they could hand you a trace from. This means you may need to get up to 3 logger serial numbers per competitor.

Some logging devices do not adhere to IGC file naming conventions.

After scoring one competition with these headaches, I knew there had to be a better way. Being a Glider Pilot, Programmer and Web Developer, I thought I should attempt to solve this problem.

The Solution!

This site collects IGC files from competitors along with their aircraft rego, name and date of flight then rewrites the name of the file so that the filename is in the form that SeeYou likes no matter what logging device the trace was extracted from. These traces can then be downloaded from the server (by the scorer wherever he may be in the world) and fed directly into SeeYou for competition scoring. No memory cards, no local folder shares, no local web servers, just easy reliable trace collections.

Even Better...

Building on from the technology mentioned above, a scorer can automate the download of the traces to the scoring PC utilising some synchronisation software so that traces are fed to SeeYou almost as quickly as they are uploaded and scores are produced with near real time results.

We are currently developing our own synchronisation software to make scoring something that anyone can do, not just the technically minded.